Home Online Casino Home Play – Best SA Online Casino to Try Your Luck at Fafi Dream Numbers

Home Play – Best SA Online Casino to Try Your Luck at Fafi Dream Numbers

by Princeton Frederick

Do you think your dreams contain information that could be your key to wealth and financial prosperity? Then come to Home Play, find the Fafi Dream Wheel game, and put your luck to the ultimate test! Home Play will help you transform your dreams into impressive real-life winnings!

Fafi, also Mo-China or fafi dream numbers, is a well-known and popular street-based game of chance that utilizes a set of 36 numbers. Its players have to pick one number they want to bet on after analyzing the content of their dreams and interpreting the things they see or experience in their sleep. The game was once played only by residents of poor SA neighborhoods and black townships, but today, it has transitioned to the online realm and become available on most big SA betting platforms.

How does Fafi play?

Fafi plays with a pool of 36 numbers, of which players are required to pick one. However, instead of choosing just any random number they like or associate with some significant real-life event such as someone’s birthday, anniversary, and so on, Fafi gamblers base their choices on their dreams and daytime visions.

Here is more about how it works: Fafi players analyze the dreams they have recently had and try to single out certain central symbols, images, and details that seem to be the most meaningful. Once they know what things in their dreams need interpreting, bettors can start translating these into numbers that will later become their online wagers.

Interpretation of one’s dreams is a lengthy process that involves the use of complex number schemes. Luckily, Fafi players have plenty of online resources available to them with tutorials and ready-made guidebooks explaining what number each image and symbol correlates with.

How to play Fafi on Home Play?

If you are interested in putting your luck and intuition to the test by playing Fafi online, Home Play is the very best place to do so. This modern and convenient SA online gambling platform offers the version of the Fafi game called Fafi Dream Wheel, whose drawings take place non-stop. Every few minutes, Home Play users have a chance at winning a hefty cash prize if they can guess one single Fafi number right.

Here is how to join in:

  • Sign up with Home Play and load sufficient funds.
  • Go to the Fafi Dream Wheel page to pick your Fafi number.
  • Wait for the wheel to stop and check if your bet has won.
  • Collect your winnings and come again for more rewards!

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