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Line Multiplier vs. Lines – What to Know? 

by Princeton Frederick

The initial number of pay lines in the slot machines will be lesser, and as the game progresses and the levels are completed, the players can go on switching to the higher lines to enjoy maximum credits. The jackpot prize will also vary based on the number of lines. 

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Lowering Lines are like decreasing the volatility 

The lowering of the line count will automatically make the volatility go up. Some of the casino games in the old days required the usage of the actual coins, and as the technology improved, the tickets that were issued to play the games became more popular than the coin-operated slots. 

The video slot machines came with the option of the lower denominations, options to spread the bets as per your requirement across the lines, and other such benefits. Most of the winning odds in the slot games will not get you your full money back, especially when the game is at its initial stages. However, as the game proceeds, the benefits will also increase and so does the winning amount. 

Multiplier Option 

Choosing the right multiplier to play is as important as deciding the number of pay lines that you should choose while playing the slot games. Some players go with the idea of x1 multipliers and this will not change with the fact that the number of lines is at its maximum. However, this is not considered the best strategy as it will not fetch the money that is wagered in the first place during the game. 

If you are looking for the best winning strategy in slot games, then your best option is to choose the x5 multiplier to win the maximum of 9 pay lines. Hence, when 45 credits are wagered, you will get 50 credits every time you get a winning combination. You will get the best return for the amount that you wager in the game. 

Not all slot machines will offer the chance to choose the number of pay lines. Hence, the players will get the control only on their multiplier bets. Choosing the multipliers is the best way of enjoying the winning streaks in the slot machines. 

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