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The Strengths of Loose Aggressive Poker Players

by Princeton Frederick

Most poker enthusiasts deride tight or “nitty” poker. These are derogatory terms that make people think they are bad or risk averse. The dream for many players is to learn and master a looser brand of poker that still enables them to win consistently. This is known as loose aggressive poker or LAG poker playing. You will have seen some play this way at online tables or on TV e.g., Tom Dwan. But there are certain strengths required to master this exciting way of playing and we will share them in this article.


If you want to know how to play loose aggressive poker, you’ll need to master being unpredictable. The ability to switch up and pull over-bets or under-bets at leisure is one thing that will separate you from other ABC players who are playing solidly. The strength of being unpredictable is that you can win a big pot or execute a masterful bluff.

In addition to making unorthodox bets, you can try some weird players like donk-leading with strong hands and 3-betting small in position. These are especially good quick wins in cash games. These unpredictable moves can cause confusion amongst your opponents which can only be a good thing. We’ve found many will just fold out of desperation leaving you to win a nice pot uncontested.


The best LAG players are utterly fearless. This makes them quite different to the grinders who are happily churning rakeback and winning smaller pots regularly. Being fearless is about playing some pots out of position, floating the flop with air or check raising the river because you’re confident your opponent can’t have the flush that has just got there. These little tricks and manoeuvres are the strengths LAG players have in spades (pardon the pun).

So, if you want to start playing loose and aggressive, you need to play fearlessly, not caring about what others think of how you play. After all, when you start playing this way, people will label you as wild or a donkey and no longer think of you as a solid player.

Ability to get paid

Decent LAGs are seemingly always getting paid off. Have you ever watched one who gets paid off constantly in a session whilst your aces are getting no action? This is not just pure luck. The strengths of good LAGs is they know how to play their premium holdings too. They have cultivated their table image in such a way that they can play their big hands like their bluffs and get paid at a higher rate.

 If you’re trying to adopt this LAG style, we suggest you work on showing some cheaper bluffs, staying active and then sizing your bets in such a way that you will get paid by your opponents. Before they know it, you will be up a few buy-ins and having the time of your life.

There you have it, three strengths you can find in excellent loose aggressive poker players. We hope you learn to master these poker tips and become a big winner in the future.

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