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Top 3 Reasons to Play Andar Bahar Card Games Online

by Princeton Frederick

Andar Bahar is often considered a game of luck, and that’s why most beginners find it exciting and comfortable to play. But just like every other, you need to follow some rules. Here we will tell you three reasons to choose Andar Bahar over other casino games. Now the question is, what is andar bahar game? And where can you play the game?

What is Andar Bahar Game?

Andar Bahar is a simple card game that mostly depends on chance than strategy. In the game, you have to make a wild guess about each box’s opportunity to win. There are two boxes. One is called Andar, and the other one is called Bahar. Now, the rule of andar bahar game is pretty simple and universal. Here the game starts with the dealer who shuffles the deck and then reveals the first card, Joker. And once the dealer began the game, the participants started betting according to their beliefs. Once all the participants complete their turn, it is time to reveal the truth—the box where the joker lands first won the round.

Where Can you play Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar can be played on a trusted online casino site like fairplay. There is no particular strategy to play and win the game. You have to follow your intuition. Each time you bet and guess, the correct option will make you earn a good amount. Again, many online platforms also host Andar Bahar Games that can offer you to win big. But if you still want to know why you should play the game, here is why.

Three Reasons to Play The Andar Bahar Game:

  • Easy Rules- The rule of andar bahar game is easy, and even if you are not quite familiar with the rules, you can still learn how to play with a single demonstration. On the table, two boxes will be there. One is called Andar, and the other is called Bahar. The game continued with a single deck of cards that the dealer shuffled before every round. Each time your guess regarding the fall of the Joker card is correct, you will win the game. There is only two option for each player, so you do not need to be scared about any hidden strategy of any other player. Once the dealer called no more bets, he started drawing the cards for each box. The dealer drew the first card for the box belonging to Bahar. And if Joker appears on the first folds, then the player who guesses correctly will get 25% of the betting amount.
  • Easy Availability- If you are a fan of Casino games but are not sure which one to choose, this can be your first game. Both beginners and professionals will love it. No matter how often you guess win or lose, the next round will let you experience the thrill of Casino games. On the other hand, the game is easily available on Indian online Casino sites. However, make sure the platform you choose is trusted because you will expose your bank card details here. Now a trustworthy platform like fairplay lets you enjoy the game without worry and hosts legit games.
  • Small House Edge- If you are looking for a casino game that will not harm your pocket, you should choose Andar Bahar. You can start with as low as possible, and if you see the chance of winning, you can increase your betting amount. However, in most games, the betting limit is quite low, while the chances of winning are quite high. If you guess correctly, you will get 25% of the betting amount in each round. On the other hand, while you are playing online, you will play alone, so the chances of losing are also lower.


Now there are many other reasons as well. For example, it is a family-friendly game, which means you can sit and enjoy your holiday by playing the game with your family members. Again, because the game has no specific strategy to play or no casino-related pressure, you can enjoy the amusement without thinking too much about the expanses.

Although the game is simple to play and easy to win and all other rules related to the game are pretty tempting, you have to be sure that the site where you are playing the game is trustworthy. A trusted platform like fairplay will not force you to bet a large amount you can lose depending on your wild guesses.

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